What is MBS®?

MBS (Movement Balance System)  is based on science, practice and intuition and it represents an unique system which integrates all training, recovery and diagnostics technologies, focusing on individual rather than exercises and gym equipment.

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  • Health fitness
  • Sport
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • MBS HEALTH FITNESS programs are the only that provide personalized optimal approach during training, using the most advanced technology with direct transmission of the cardiac frequency expressed in relative values (%). The best results are achieved by continuous training 5-6 times a week, which you can combine with the training with us and outside of our studio, depending on the principles you will receive after MB diagnostics.

    Grupni programi
    Group programs
    Individualni programi
    Individual program
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    Group programs

    When selecting a group program, it is our responsibility to give you advice about the program that with its contents and intensity optimally matches your level of shape, your limitations and preferences. You can request a consultation and the examination with mr. sc. Martina Mavrin Jelicic.

    MB Yoga
    MB Yoga
    MB Mat
    MB Mat
    MB Cycling
    MB Cycling
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    Group programs / MB Yoga

    Power Yoga

    During a class of power yoga, most exercises have a more articulated chain character of transferring muscular force through the meridians of superficial and deep muscular fascia. The movement of the body is synchronized with breath, providing a refreshing and powerful yoga training aimed on developing strength of paravertebral muscles in the center of body, flexibility, mobility and detoxification of the body. Fluidity is characterized by meditation through movement, which improves concentration. Enjoy in identifying and moving your physical and mind borders through this yoga program.

    Therapy Yoga

    The program of yoga exercises made in accordance with doctor’s recommendations which is composed of moderate intensity exercises. The main therapeutic yoga exercises are performed strictly in accordance with certain conditions. Every month “therapy flow“ series is changing, it releases tensions in the body, improves blood circulation and strengthens the postural muscles that are an important basis for a health and mobility of the spine. The final part of class consists of learning breathing techniques, concentration and relaxation.

    Flow Yoga

    Yoga style with active way of training, shapes and tones every muscle with simultaneous meditation through movement. Ideal for people who want to work on mental and physical condition. During the class, the concentration is on breath, correct technique and elimination of stress. It is recommended for all who need high quality training to increase the amplitude of movement, eliminate muscular tension and for athletes, for sake of prevention from injuries, improvement of concentration and flexibility. The last 10 minutes are relaxation exercises for all muscles, breathing and concentration exercises for releasing mental and physical tensions. This is a class designed for new attendants and for those who have already attended yoga classes.

    Slow Yoga

    This program is suitable for beginners and people who love low intensity workouts. Exercises are performed with the help of sports equipment with aim of activation and stabilization of the body.

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    Group programs / MB Mat

    Mat level 1

    Low intensity training where the basics of proper workouts and exercises are being learned. Each exercise is performed slowly, with full attention, which makes training safer and more effective. After proper implementation of methods, an important role in conducting corrective and functional exercises based on natural movement is the use of adequately selected equipment.

    Mat level 2

    Moderate intensity workout is performed with the use of equipment as a mean for achieving better mobility and stability of the bone, joint and tendon apparatus (bar), strengthening the muscles of the body (ball, weights, tires, TRX), improving balance and stabilizing joints (moveysteper, BOSU), eliminating of trigger points in the muscles (reflex balls), etc.

    Mat Intensive

    High intensity exercise throughout the class is the basic principle of this program. Increased circulation and a high level of muscular activation accelerates the processes of detoxification and relieves the stress in the body. The results of these workouts are satisfaction, smile and good body shape. If you want challenges during exercising, and you have for at least a month attended some of the MBS degrees, this is definitely the program for you.

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    Group programs / MB Cycling

    MB Cycling

    The program is conducted in a small group (8) with the goal of greater training individualization. The main characteristic of this training is interval combined method. Within an hour, intervals of workout on the bike and corrective-preparatory exercises for posture and movement, exercises to improve and maintain strength, flexibility, balance, and stabilize joints are exchanging.

    MB Cycling training will be the first in Croatia to change bad practice in aerobic training. In order to objectively monitor the work area during cycling, each client will have real time direct transmission of his heart rate, with frequency expressed in relative values (%).

    By using direct monitoring of the workout intensity and individual zone, we decrease the risk of overtraining, sudden cardiac stresses and shocks and other undesirable consequences of training without supervision. By using this tool to control the intensity of workouts, we increase the positive effects of energy training to increase maximum oxygen reception and lower fatty tissue. Direct control over the workout intensity during the MB Cycling training provides you with individual approach, high motivation and enjoyment of training.

    Trening MB Cycling će prvi put u Hrvatskoj promijeniti lošu praksu u aerobnom treningu. Kako bi objektivno kontrolirali zonu rada tijekom bicikliranja, svaki klijent će imati „real time“ direktni prijenos svoje srčane frekvencije iskazane u relativnim vrijednostima (%).

    Pomoću izravnog praćenja intenziteta rada i individualne zone smanjujemo rizik pretreniranosti, iznenadnog srčanog naprezanja i šokova te drugih neželjenih posljedica treninga bez kontrole. Uz pomoć ovog alata za kontrolu intenziteta u treningu povećavamo pozitivne učinke energetskog treninga na povećanje maksimalnog primitka kisika i redukciju masnog tkiva. Izravno praćenje intenziteta rada tijekom MB Cycling treninga pruža vam individualiziran pristup, veću motivaciju i užitak treniranja.

    MB Cycling
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    Group programs / NO MIND


    We are pleased to inform you about the  “No-Mind” training workshops that will be organized once a month in the MBS Center. Training is for beginner to advanced exercisers.

    Research shows that understanding of our body and its sensations increases the level of health, while the understanding of mental patterns greatly contributes to greater satisfaction in life.

    The training will be conducted by mr.sc. Martina Mavrin Jeličić, university professor, kinesiology, therapist, a yoga teacher who has 25 years of experience in managing individual and group rehabilitation, health fitness and fitness programs.


    The first in a series of “No-Mind” training sessions will be held on Friday, May 10, from 18.30 to 19.45 (75 minutes).

    The terms untill fall: 7.6. 2019, 5.7.2019,  23.8.2019.

    What is “No-Mind” training?

    What is “No-Mind” training will best be explained by the professional and personal experience of Dr. Danijela Bejuk, a student of the first such training in Croatia:

    “A program of exercises with as little thought as possible is perfectly conceived, primarily with the goal of giving your body a chance to relax properly, and at the same time, with targeted dynamic exercises, you will strengthen all your muscles that are tired or unjustly neglected.

    What we strive for is a good feeling throughout the body, and it moves you carefully selected in exercise cycles during No-Mind training and provide.

    For the start, the goal is to release your thoughts. It’s not easy, but practicing in the state of relaxation in which they no longer dominate you. You become aware of the moment in which you give your body a deserved opportunity to relax, to stretch and strengthen.

    My wish was to strengthen the muscles, which enable me to walk properly, a good posture, which will increase my endurance, both in terms of physical and invisible efforts. I think I got everything I expected and more. I became more aware of the movement, the proper breathing, I got the opportunity to restore energy to exercise. Unusual, you get tired and a little uncomfortable, and after a good co-ordinated training session, you are satisfied and different.

    To sum up, the changes were noticed by people around me. It was worth it.

    Thank you, MBS Center.
    You Martina especially.”

    dr. sc. Danijela Bejuk, cf. dr. med.

    No-Mind training includes:

    Techniques of somatic relaxation (based on neuroscience) for natural deactivation of physical and mental tension of prolonged action

    Dynamic breathing vitalizing and energizing action on the body and mind.

    Dynamic exercise for muscular activation of the whole body.

    Exercise exercises with complete awareness and presence

    Meditation or the more acceptable name of Mindfulness


    70,00kn per training

    Applications are required!

    Individual program

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    The individual practice starts with first stage which includes the interview, client’s medical history and MBS functional diagnosis evaluation (authentic and standardized battery tests) to obtain the exact parameters of the initial state of the client. In accordance with the MBS philosophy, the individual programs are gradually structured by the pace of client’s progress.

    The second stage contains a precisely designed corrective therapeutic program to correct the observed standing and movement deficits.

    The third stage of the program is characterized by the training of the movement’s functionality.

    “Performance” individual programs represent the fourth stage where power, speed and endurance are built.

    The fifth is a transient stage, which is the program of your choice with our assistance.

    Positive changes are already visible after the first MBS workout. If you want real and lasting results, our recommendation is that you exercise 5-6 times a week, combining individual, group MBS trainings and recreational activities outside the Center.

    Individual program
  • We are proud that MBS Sport includes Olimpic athletes, national team members and high-quality sports enthusiasts, who have with MBS workout system become mentally more stabile, stronger, more flexible, more reliable and faster on their journey to the top.

    With MBS condition training and recovery adjusted to person and their personality, athletes were on board to stay on top for a long time.

    The main motto of the MBS – and in a top sport is: “Train well, train often”. In the first step, with the correct diagnosis and individualy shaped program, MBS develops quality of the basic movement of athletes. This is the basis for superior performance. The integration of all training technologies (correctional, powerlifting, weightlifting, pliometrics, yoga …). In the second phase MBS takes care of amount of workout. Technically flawless convulsion, “split dog”, deep jump, sprint, “dead lift” make MBS simple and unique. If we accurately add the precise number of repetitions, result is a long career of an athlete without injury. It is what every coach and athlete would like to achieve.


    MBS Sport

    The first step is the removal of incorrect movements, movement forms and causes of pain. Medical history of the client and a complex set of tests is used for more objective evaluation of the first medical-conditional status of each MBS customer.

    With basic posture examination and using a unique standardized battery tests, we get the results on the functionality of the basic movement, stability and mobility of joints structure, basic force, static and dynamic balance. In additional movement risk prediction tests we get accurate information about tolerance to pain. The purpose of this review is to determine the possible positions and locomotor problems that affect the functionality of movements and the sports and recreational performance itself.

    After that, the group of experts defines your zones of work and properly introduces you to the training for decreasing adipose tissue and increase efficiency. By analysis of body composition and biochemical analysis, MBS receives the best quality information to determine callory index. Using this information, individual nutrition and supplements program is created, in accordance with the training and daily habits of the client.

    Finally, the MBS Diagnostic discovers intrinsic (internal) risk factors for hindered movement, which over time leads to pain and injuries and also reduces the risk of each workout. MBS Diagnostic is a tested procedure, which will take You to the best results.

    MBS Funkcionalna dijagnostika
  • After an interview, testing and posture evaluation, MBS provides the possibility of implementing specialized standalone therapeutic or additional program.

    In the treatment of acute trauma, locomotor system overexertion syndrome or of a painful syndrome, you can choose conservative (without surgery) or surgical approach. Regardless of the approach chosen, MBS therapeutic physical exercises should become an integral part of the rehabilitation process, without which the return to everyday locomotor functions is unthinkable. In MBS functional phase of rehabilitation, the movement takes a leading role compared to other physical therapy. After cessation of pain, rehabilitation is not interrupted but ongoing with functional set of exercises!

    The main goal of MBS Functional rehabilitation, under the MB system, is achieved by solving smaller, partial objectives, such as gradual return to full range of motion, and progressive muscular strengthening, as well as between-muscular and intramuscular coordination. Thus, customers are gradually preparing to return to everyday life, as to be included in regular sports/recreational activities with minimal possibility of recurrence.

    The aim of MBS functional phase of rehabilitation is the return of separate, safe and effective motor execution of movement in all planes.


    MBS Funkcionalna rehabilitacija
  • After MBS diagnostics, I have learned my deficit in movements for the first time. I met a new approach for prevention of injuries and improvement of my body’s functionality.”

    Petar Metlicic A former croatian handball national team member
  • “For me, running is the best form of psychotherapy and relaxation from stressful everyday life. MBS corrective therapeutic exercises help me to go a step further.”


    Nevena Rendeli TV host
  • ”After MBS functional diagnostics and rehabilitation, I realized that I was driving with badly balanced tires. I feel a specific positive change and I use conditional training to bring me in the best state“.

    Tarik Filipovic Actor and TV host
  • „MBS program created in particular for me, basing on the obtained results, was aimed at addressing the sustainability of body and pain in the knee joint. With the help of this program my chronic knee pain which I pulled for 6 years has gone. Today it is nice to play without pain again.“

    Mirza Teletovic NBA player
  • ”Dear trainers, today, after a lot of time, thanks to the MBS, I feel upright in the shoulder area, tighter in the lumbar region of back and I have more confidence and strength. Actually, I think I look as a steel statue of an athlete in Maksimir Park.“

    Edina Plicanic Prima ballerina, Croatian National Theatre Zagreb
  • ”I am true example that it is never too late to awaken your body. This can be done in million ways, but the most beautiful awakening is with MBS.“

    Enis Beslagic Actor
  • ”Each of our trainings had the purpose and the acute effect. Every day of training was full of sweat, labor, control and feedback, but ultimately filled with great pleasure.“

    Tomislav Petranovic Ballet dancer
  • ”My coaches and I have for many years tried to solve the pain in the lumbar back and provide the optimum level of power in my category. After MBS diagnostics and training system, now it is finally resolved. The result of this decision was my greatest success so far – the champion of Europe in judo, and a trip to the Olympic games in London 2012“.

    Amel Mekic European judo champion
  • ”With MBS system of exercises, I have learned new principles of exercising that helped me solve my back problems”.

    Jasna Bilusic Actress and singer
  • ”The feeling I experienced after the first MBS treatment is flexible, elongated and regenerated body. Otherwise, my painful area are shoulders and back, and it is this tension that disappears after treating the muscle knots with a stick“.

    Lejla Filipovic
  • ”I managed to awaken the inner muscles with different approach to the body. I saw the effects of MBS very quickly and without much effort, which allows me to train in break during working day.“

    Aleksandra Dojcinovic Fashion designer
  • “The filming demands of us a prolonged sitting and standing, and this is the reason why we sought out professional help in MB Center. MBS programmed set of stretching and breathing allows us to regenerate the body and increase the level of focus that is very important to us so we can easily memorize lines.”

    Mirna Medakovic and Momcilo Otasevic Actors
  • “I’m glad I came to the MBS Centre, because only then I realized on which segments I need to work on for better functionality my movement. I am particularly pleased with the vibration massage at the end of each workout.”

    Matija Kvasina Best Croatian cyclist


  • Amel Mekic – champion of Europe in judo
  • Mirza Teletovic – NBA player
  • Andrija Komadina – Croatian water polo player
  • KK Zagreb – Junior European Champions
  • The BiH basketball national team
  • Srbian handball national team
  • Tomislav Petranovic, prima ballet dancer
  • Judo klub „Panda“
  • Antonio Jezina – goalkeeper of „Dinamo“
  • Matija Kvasina – best Croatian cyclist




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