MBS PERSONALIZED DIAGNOSIS AND DIET – a program that postpones aging

With personalized nutrition and exercise, you can produce hormones of happiness, be in a better mood, lose unnecessary pounds and, above all, postpone aging.

Choose the food that suits you, by analyzing your own body composition and personalized guidance from nutritionist expert.

What do we offer you?

  1. Body Composition Diagnostics – Tanita Body Composition Pro
  2. With diet and exercise to youth, slimness and better concentration – tips and guidelines (personalized manual)
  3. A personalized menu (depending on menus without lactose, gluten or disease-based diet)
  4. Our continuous support for 3 months

Select program:

  1. Body Composition Diagnostics + Evaluation of Results 200 kn
  2. Diagnosis (anamnesis, interview, body analysis, evaluation of results) + tips and guidance for nutrition and exercise (personalized manual) 550 kn
  3. Diagnostics (anamnesis, interview, body composition analysis) + tips and guidelines + personalized menu * 1700 kn

* continuous support is included, with 3 months of progress tracking (every month repeated measurement)