MB Mat


Low intensity training where the basics of proper workouts and exercises are being learned. Each exercise is performed slowly, with full attention, which makes training safer and more effective. After proper implementation of methods, an important role in conducting corrective and functional exercises based on natural movement is the use of adequately selected equipment


Moderate intensity workout is performed with the use of equipment as a mean for achieving better mobility and stability of the bone, joint and tendon apparatus (bar), strengthening the muscles of the body (ball, weights, tires, TRX), improving balance and stabilizing joints (moveysteper, BOSU), eliminating of trigger points in the muscles (reflex balls), etc.


High intensity exercise throughout the class is the basic principle of this program. Increased circulation and a high level of muscular activation accelerates the processes of detoxification and relieves the stress in the body. The results of these workouts are satisfaction, smile and good body shape. If you want challenges during exercising, and you have for at least a month attended some of the MBS degrees, this is definitely the program for you.