(for children 6-12 years accompanied by an adult)


Experience a movement full of fun and relaxation in the company of your little ones, and laughter and love will fill the big and small, as well as inspire the whole family and strengthen your muscles.

During the workshop you will get to know:

  • Exercises for proper posture,
  • Play exercises that promote the development of balance, strength, soft tissue flexibility and joint mobility, coordination, endurance and respiratory capacity,
  • Exercises that promote awareness and sense of one’s body,
  • Exercises for proper growth and maturation,
  • Relaxation techniques that stimulate Alpha brainwaves that boost creativity and imagination,
  • Breathing exercises for better ability to concentrate, relax, rest and be present.



  • full activation of all the muscles that are important for proper movement and posture,
  • improving the heart and respiratory system
    speeding up metabolism.


  • reducing stress, depression and nervousness,
  • enhances cognitive ability,
  • correction of various irregular spine forms, kyphotic posture, scoliosis and lordosis


  • reduces anxiety, anger, fatigue,
  • develops a greater level of awareness,
  • creates a sense of satisfaction.


Tena Matolić, MA in kinesiology, MBS trainer, Yoga teacher at the largest Yoga school in the world, Ayush (system of health and holistic), and trained trainer in various breathing and relaxation techniques