MBS Diagnostics


The first step is the removal of incorrect movements, movement forms and causes of pain. Medical history of the client and a complex set of tests is used for more objective evaluation of the first medical-conditional status of each MBS customer.

With basic posture examination and using a unique standardized battery tests, we get the results on the functionality of the basic movement, stability and mobility of joints structure, basic force, static and dynamic balance. In additional movement risk prediction tests we get accurate information about tolerance to pain. The purpose of this review is to determine the possible positions and locomotor problems that affect the functionality of movements and the sports and recreational performance itself.

After that, the group of experts defines your zones of work and properly introduces you to the training for decreasing adipose tissue and increase efficiency. By analysis of body composition and biochemical analysis, MBS receives the best quality information to determine callory index. Using this information, individual nutrition and supplements program is created, in accordance with the training and daily habits of the client.

Finally, the MBS Diagnostic discovers intrinsic (internal) risk factors for hindered movement, which over time leads to pain and injuries and also reduces the risk of each workout. MBS Diagnostic is a tested procedure, which will take You to the best results.

Mirza Teletovic

one of best basketball players of Euroligue 2012, today NBA player

MBS program created in particular for me, basing on the obtained results, was aimed at addressing the sustainability of body and pain in the knee joint. With the help of this program my chronic knee pain which I pulled for 6 years has gone. Today it is nice to play without pain again.