3D Treatment program for spine

The Schroth method is an internationally recognized three-dimensional treatment method of conservative physical therapy for people of all ages, mostly children with scoliosyis, kyphosis and lordosis.

MBS (Movement Balance System) complements the Schroth method in cooperation with doctors from clinics in Germany Asklepios in order to accelerate the process of treatment.

Through specific exercises and corrective breathing techniques, the method aims to correct all irregularities of the spine. Result is the reduction of pain and slowing down or stopping the spine curving and improving cardio-pulmonary function, mobility and postural stability.

By adopting Scroth and MBS principles, the patient will be capable for self-application of these principles and lessons in everyday life, and will continue to affect the posture and quality of life.



Schroth method has a long tradition. It was developed in 1921. by Katharina Schroth in Germany. In 1995., system of clinics in Germany, Asklepios, bought the clinic and the name of the “Schroth Method” and “3D scoliosis therapy Katharina Schroth”. “Katharina Schroth Klinik” became part of the famous chain of medical clinics and the only one specialized just for spinal deformity.

MBS center has a license to conduct a “Schroth-Method”/”3D scoliosis therapy Katharina Schroth”, which makes us unique in Croatia to have an intensive 8 weeks course like the best clinic for scoliosis Asklepios in Germany.


Schedule and program

60-minute diagnosis of the spine/3-5 hours educational therapeutic treatments/group intensive course: 8 weeks.

The aim of the intensive course is to allow proper daily exercise. Three times with complete control of therapists at the Center and four times independently at home, thus acquiring work habits and adopting correct forms of exercise, the patient qualifies for in-house training after 8 weeks.


What will happen if scoliosis is NOT TREATED ?

Curve can seamlessly grow during the years of growth. Moderate and severe curves can also be increased in adulthood. Some curves can be increased during pregnancy. Severe pain, physical deformity and arthritis may occur during middle age. Early detection is important for health in the future.


How do the exercises look?

Exercises are defined individually, depending on the pattern and severity of the curve. Specially designed exercises can work in different standing, sitting or kneeling positions with the help of ladders, stripes with the regular control of movements along with help of a mirror on the wall and the ceiling.


How does the training program look?

In a specially designed space with many mirrors, the patient receives new visual information, which help him in sensing the posture of the body and conscious correction of posture. The Schroth therapist guides the patient through a thin stimuli, and the patient is feeling in what parts of the body needs to breathe, what parts to expand and loosen the muscle tension to achieve the correct activation of the muscles that provide the right posture and reduce asymmetry.



Price in Zagreb

Diagnosis – 300 HRK

Individual educational treatment – 230 HRK

5 individual therapies package – 1000 HRK