“Healthy Employees, a Successful Business”

WellBeing Pro is a health program designed for organizations that take care of the well-being of their employees.

WellBeing Pro Creators?

WellBeing Pro workplace health concept was created by kinesiology and university professor mr.sc.Martina Mavrin Jeličić in cooperation with the Center for Occupational Health of the World Health Organization and the Center for Sports Medicine and Health Promotion at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb headed by Assistant Professor Milan Milošević, Md. Specialist in Medical Labor and Sports.

What is WellBeing Pro?

The workplace health concept focuses on the domain of physical and mental health of employees, which directly influences the increase in productivity and feelings of satisfaction at the workplace. The goal is to provide basic training for employees on preventive exercise, personalized diet, and stress management in the area where they are staying. By doing so, prevent stress-induced illness and inactive lifestyle, and create a healthy, positive and productive atmosphere in the workplace.

How is WellBeing Pro being conducted?

Module 1 – One-day Workshops – “Stress Management for Physical and Mental Health at the Workplace”. Techniques of breathing and relaxation, exercises for a healthy body and a healthy spine.

Module 2 – Continuous training sessions held 2-3 times a week, contributing to long-term cortisol reduction, balancing the musculoskeletal system and restoring proper posture and health to the body.

Module 3 – “HEALTH @ WORK” Training Interventional Training is conducted continuously over a period of time after a diagnostic assessment of the health risk at the workplace and the evaluation of the results.

The scientifically confirmed effect of the program on health

The effect of educational interventional training “HEALTH @ WORK” has been scientifically confirmed (2018). The results of the study showed the greatest changes in body fatigue, body position change, strain relief (risk factor for the development of pathological upper extremities), stress level, reduced volume of the waist, and increased productivity at work.

Who are the lecturers?

Mr.sc. Martina Mavrin Jeličić


“I evaluate this educational workshop very useful, in conjunction with concrete comprehensive guidelines for solving stressful situations and achieving or restoring natural balance to your body during working hours” – Dejan, JANAF

“The best seminar I was at !!! Useful, applicable, important, important! “- Vladislav, JANAF

“After the third training session, my neck has been tense, which I felt for a long time.” – Jelena, Strabag

“I’m doing my whole life doing physical exercise, but I learned more about WellBeing Pro education than ever before about the proper performance of the movement during working hours” – Gordana, Erste

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