MBS Rehabilitation

After an interview, testing and posture evaluation, MBS provides the possibility of implementing specialized standalone therapeutic or additional program.

In the treatment of acute trauma, locomotor system overexertion syndrome or of a painful syndrome, you can choose conservative (without surgery) or surgical approach. Regardless of the approach chosen, MBS therapeutic physical exercises should become an integral part of the rehabilitation process, without which the return to everyday locomotor functions is unthinkable. In MBS functional phase of rehabilitation, the movement takes a leading role compared to other physical therapy. After cessation of pain, rehabilitation is not interrupted but ongoing with functional set of exercises!

The main goal of MBS Functional rehabilitation, under the MB system, is achieved by solving smaller, partial objectives, such as gradual return to full range of motion, and progressive muscular strengthening, as well as between-muscular and intramuscular coordination. Thus, customers are gradually preparing to return to everyday life, as to be included in regular sports/recreational activities with minimal possibility of recurrence.

The aim of MBS functional phase of rehabilitation is the return of separate, safe and effective motor execution of movement in all planes.



Amel Mekic

My coaches and I have for many years tried to solve the pain in the lumbar back and provide the optimum level of power in my category. After MBS diagnostics and training system, now it is finally resolved. The result of this decision was my greatest success so far – the champion of Europe in judo, and a trip to the Olympic games in London 2012.