What is MBS?

MBS (Movement Balance System) is a revolutionary system of physical exercises, which includes all training technologies and it is based on diagnostic methods and evaluation of the functionality of the movement. With MBS you can make a good foundation for functionality of motion and strength, constructed of solid bonds between stability and mobility.

Travel with MBS to the truth about training for strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, speed and agility with the feeling of mental strength and happiness.

Understand, learn and apply MBS recovery methods for a long sequence of everyday life.

Why MBS?

MBS is an integrated system of training and recovery, whose uniqueness demonstrate the following facts:

  1. we are the first to build the highest quality standardized batteries of tests for assessing functionality of strength and movement
  2. MBS is the only in Croatia that provides "real-time" control of the cardiac rhythm frequency and intensity of labor in training, for increasing energy potential (workouts on the treadmill, bike, carpet...)
  3. in comparison with other systems of training, MBS philosophy brings together all training technologies, respecting the principle of progression.
  4. MBS introduces a balanced approach between shaping of a training and rehabilitation programs
  5. MBS fits the nature of human motion, and not fashionable programs, exercises, training equipment and props.
  6. MBS creates antiadaptational training process "Change zone" for cardio-vascular and nervous-muscular system of man.

History and vision

The beginnings of creation of MBS date back to seven years ago, when the university professor dr.sc. Asim Bradic took the job of fitness coach of a basketball team. During his work he noticed some flaws in the application of methods and training exercises and incomplete transformation effects. On the other hand, professor mr.sc. Martina Mavrin Jelicic, as a longtime yoga and group fitness programs instructor, witnesses the increase in the number of injuries and pain at recreationals in Croatia.

Trying to solve the perceived shortcomings of the training process Martina and Asim have been daily searching and testing new ways by respecting scientific knowledge, other people’s and their practical experience. As a result, a Movement Balance System (MBS), a system that has finally satisfyed their perfectionist approach on the one hand, and helped athletes and recreationals to quickly remove their deficits on the other hand.



MBS represents an unified system of training and recovery adapted to man, not to a program and exercises. Its goal is to justify the principle of individuality by methods of work. The system is the integration of all training and recovery technologies. MBS is designed for athletes, recreational athletes and people after the primary rehabilitation .

Throughout their work, they have taken athletes to the European gold and Olympic Games , recreationals have eliminated recurrence of the pain and improved the composition and shape of the body. MBS is trying to be a challenge for young people in further education in order to become even better experts in training.