MB Cycling

The program is conducted in a small group (8) with the goal of greater training individualization. The main characteristic of this training is interval combined method. Within an hour, intervals of workout on the bike and corrective-preparatory exercises for posture and movement, exercises to improve and maintain strength, flexibility, balance, and stabilize joints are exchanging.

MB Cycling training will be the first in Croatia to change bad practice in aerobic training. In order to objectively monitor the work area during cycling, each client will have real time direct transmission of his heart rate, with frequency expressed in relative values (%).

By using direct monitoring of the workout intensity and individual zone, we decrease the risk of overtraining, sudden cardiac stresses and shocks and other undesirable consequences of training without supervision. By using this tool to control the intensity of workouts, we increase the positive effects of energy training to increase maximum oxygen reception and lower fatty tissue. Direct control over the workout intensity during the MB Cycling training provides you with individual approach, high motivation and enjoyment of training.