doc. dr. sc. Martina Mavrin Jelicic

Owner of MBS Center

Senior lecturer at University of Zagreb.

Kinesiologist and scientist, founder of the MBS Center (2004). He is one of the first therapeutic yoga instructors in Croatia to deal with for 25 years. Additional training in the field of functional rehabilitation for 2 years was carried out with the help of Dr.sc. Tatjana Trošt Bobić. Every year she is an active member of the Perform Better Educational Workshop from USA.

As a yoga instructor and group fitness program, the witness is witness to an increase in the number of injuries and the appearance of pain in recreational sports in Croatia. Trying to solve the perceived shortcomings of the training process, Martin’s research and practical work are constantly searching for the truth in training. As a final result, the Movement Balance System (MBS) was created, a system that finally satisfied its perfectionist approach on the one hand and helped the recreationalists to quickly remove their deficits from the other side.

She is an international associate at the Libertas International University and a permanent lecturer at international conferences. Since 2014 she has been teaching at international educational workshops “KEY”.

In 2016 she created the concept of WellBeing Pro with the aim to preserve health at the workplace, and carried out educational workshops for large and small companies.

In 2017 she enrolled in a three-year study for a clinical somatic therapist.

In 2018 she completed the three-week seminar “Awareness intensive” in Greece, which helps her in her work today.

In 2021 she completes the international three-year training for a therapist (Somatic Experiencing), which deals with resolving and alleviating the symptoms of trauma and stress. The goal is to enable the client to resolve physical and mental difficulties caused by trauma and long-term stress and to be able to respond appropriately to everyday situations.

In 2023 completed Bowen therapy education.

She writes columns and articles for many of our famous magazines and portals, and some of them are Beauty and Health, Story, Home Doctor, Jutarnji List, Femina, Ask Mom, Fitness …