The workshop is intended for anyone over 12 years of age.

They say that in life we ​​have a certain number of breaths given to us, the first we breathe at birth and the last we breathe at death. The hectic lifestyle, the stress and the nervousness … our breath must accompany all that, so it becomes faster, shallower and thus much more breath “consumed” in a unit of time than when we are at rest and breathing “full lungs”.

During the workshop we will answer the questions:

  • what it really means to “breathe full lungs”
  • what the breath has to do with our blood pressure, heart, and nervous system,
  • how we can encourage breath to make peace overcome by restlessness, quiet noise and relaxed stress,
  • why breath is the link between our conscious and unconscious,
  • which are tools for working independently on health issues and establishing mental peace.



  • activation of all 5 lobes of the lungs,
  • full activation of the diaphragm and all muscles involved in breathing,
  • muscle relaxation and whole body cooling effect,
  • activation and warming effect of the whole body (depending on the mode of breathing),
  • slowing down aging,
  • reducing oxidative stress,
  • speeding up metabolism.


  • reducing stress, depression and nervousness,
  • positive effects on allergies, asthma, bronchitis,
  • positive effect on the thyroid gland,
  • helps with overweight,
  • helps with insomnia,
  • positive impact on pressure,
  • enhances cognitive ability.


  • reduces anxiety, anger, fatigue,
  • develops a greater level of awareness,
  • stimulates the meditative state by harmonizing the mind and nervous system,
  • causes clarity and peace,
  • clears blockages,
  • reveals inner layers of consciousness,
  • creates a sense of satisfaction.

We will breathe through exercises and different positions.


Tena Matolić, MA in kinesiology, MBS trainer, Yoga teacher at the largest Yoga school in the world, Ayush (system of health and holistic), and trained trainer in various breathing and relaxation techniques