MB Yoga


POWERYOGA (difficulty 3-5/5)

Beautiful flow rich in dynamic movements of comfortable stretching and strengthening. Work on fascia, stability, flexibility, mobility, strengthening, balance, endurance. One fly a few flies!
We’ll run through different yoga asanas, including balancing positions of varying complexity, and maybe let some peas sweat; And everything will look like we are dancing with our breath through controlled and conscious movements. We will end with breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation or relaxation. Feel the fire, the air, the water and the earth inside you.

Quote that beautifully evokes our intention for this watch: “You always had the strength, my dear, you just had to figure it out for yourself.” (Wizard of Oz).


THERAPY YOGA (difficulty 1-2/5)

The program of yoga exercises is compiled on the recommendation of a doctor and consists of moderate intensity exercises. Basic yoga therapeutic exercises are performed according to strictly defined working conditions. Each month, a “therapy flow” series is performed that releases tension in the body, improves circulation and strengthens the postural muscles, which is an essential basis for a healthy and moving spine. The final part of the lesson consists of learning breathing techniques, concentration and relaxation.


SLOW YOGA (difficulty 1-3/5)

This program is suitable for beginners and people who like light intensity training. An hour that will dominate our backs, moving them, strengthening them and stretching them in all directions. We will again be introduced to the fluidity, but also the firmness of our own body, to awaken perhaps the dormant energy and to strengthen the main pillar of our own body – the torso. We will also pay considerable attention to the hips, shoulders, shoulder blades and recognize the interconnectedness of all these anatomical structures with the spine. Extremely valuable watch for all those who feel the tension stored inside the body, pain in the neck, back and hips, for anyone who carries the burden of daily wear on their back (both physical and mental). Also, a very useful lesson for all those who have stiffened, froze and slowed down their daily lifestyles in the form of movements, activities, daily activities.

We will end the lesson with comfortable relaxation, calming and / or breathing exercises so that the full benefits of the practice can be fully received by the body, mind and spirit.


AFTER WORK YOGA (difficulty 2-4/5)

An ideal clock to end a busy week that, after several dynamic and intense transitions through yoga-asanas, will turn to longer retention of certain postures and act in the direction of releasing the tension collected in the muscles and connective tissues, with an inevitable effect on muscular endurance. Numerous torsional positions (through compression of the abdominal organs, primarily the digestive system), inclinations and slight inversions will encourage faster decomposition and elimination of used products from the body.

All this, along with a long and comfortable relaxation at the end of the hour, combined with refreshing and calming breathing exercises, will bring your body and mind into a harmonious and calm state ready for full recovery before the new work week. Through a more concentrated approach to each asana, an increased attention or awareness of the current experience or present reality will be acted upon, thus freeing the mind from uncontrolled “wandering” thoughts.

Fall in love with your own feeling and presence!


WAKEUP YOGA (difficulty 3-5 / 5)

Morning WakeUp Yoga is an energizing workout that also brings a complete sense of relaxation to the body and mind.

This yoga training lasts for 60 minutes, where the first sequence performs energizing physical exercises for awakening, while the second sequence performs exercises of breathing, relaxation and concentration.

After your workout, you will feel more ready to start the new day! They will make you feel different, believe us! ”